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Solar energy offers a bright future for new builds and housing developments. By incorporating it into your new builds, you’re creating a development that’s not only attractive and cost-effective but also environmentally responsible.

Power up your property with Solar

The way we build homes is changing. Sustainability is a major priority, and with good reason. Solar energy offers a powerful solution, not just for the environment, but for the wallets and lifestyles of future homeowners. 

Solar panels generate clean energy, reducing reliance on the grid and leading to significant cost savings. This is a major selling point, attracting eco-conscious buyers and offering long-term financial benefits.

Why Choose Solar Energy for the New Build Sector

The time is now to take control and lead the way.
Switching to a solar energy supply yields numerous commercial benefits for the manufacturing, including:

✓ Make considerable cost savings

Harness the sun’s free energy to dramatically reduce your reliance on the grid, saving you lots of money on your electricity bills year after year.

✓ Improve your CSR

Installing solar energy is an effective way for businesses to improve their CRS image by operating in a way that has positive social and environmental effects. 

✓ Offset your carbon emissions

Make a positive impact on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and generating clean, renewable energy.

✓ Improve your Brand

Did you know that 75% of millennial respondents say that they consider sustainability when they make a purchase from a brand.

Solar for New build and Housing developments

Power up your
properties with Solar

Many regions are implementing regulations that encourage or even require new builds to incorporate renewable energy sources. By getting ahead of the curve and including solar from the start, you can ensure your development meets these standards and avoids potential retrofitting costs down the line.

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From inception to completion, discover our latest Cactus Energy Commercial solar energy projects and how we’re helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint.



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