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Neptune HQ


Neptune is one of the UK’s largest furniture companies. With stores and offices up and down the country, they are leaders in beautiful homemaking.


Neptune has recently undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce their environmental impact. They reached out to Cactus Energy for the delivery of a renewable energy system for their main commercial space in the UK. The 80,000 sq ft property houses offices, as well as a showroom and a warehouse.


We designed and installed a solar panel system which will generate almost 200,000 kWh electricity a year. This will save a significant amount of money and offset over 42 tonnes of CO2 per year. Neptune will even be able to export some of their generated electricity back to the grid and be paid for it through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

Neptune were particularly impressed with the drone footage services provided by Cactus Energy. The photos and videos document each stage of the installation process, and will be useful for Neptune’s own company communications and promotion of the project.



System Size

200 KW


609 Solar PV Panels

Annual CO2 Savings

42 Tonnes

“The service delivered by Cactus Energy was proactive and accommodating. They always ensured arrangements were made within the desired timeframe and made the whole process as straightforward as possible.”