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Creating Tomorrow's Forrest

In order to reduce our own environmental impact, we’ve joined forces with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests, a passionate team of experts who are planting trees to tackle the climate crisis and boost Britain’s biodiversity.

Who They Are

Creating Tomorrow’s Forests is a new branch (no pun intended) of the incredibly successful Tomorrow’s Forests, which was founded six years ago by tree planting experts Nick and Liz. Since then, they have planted almost 8 million trees right here in the UK. Up until now, their focus has been on large-scale projects for forestry commissioners, private land owners and the Government. However, this year Creating Tomorrow’s Forests was born as a way to partner with businesses and individuals who want to make a positive impact on the planet. We are so excited to be involved.

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Creating Tomorrow’s Forests does more than just plant trees. Their mission is to create complex forest ecosystems that will last for years to come.  


In order to do this, they focus on diversity. By planting a range of different tree species and creating environments where multiple other plant and animal species can thrive, Creating Tomorrow’s Forests builds stable ecosystems. These are much more likely to survive into the future than monocultures (where just one species is planted). 


Diverse woodlands also sequester (absorb and store) more carbon from the atmosphere, so have more of an impact in the fight against climate change.

"We look to science to guide the way. We make sure we plant the right tree, in the right place, at the right time."


Their work brings numerous environmental and societal benefits…

> Removing carbon from the air to fight the climate crisis

> Restoring habitats for wildlife

> Increasing biodiversity

> Reducing flood risk in local communities

> Improving air quality

> Providing a space which helps boost mental health

No work is out-sourced. All site design takes place in-house and all trees are planted by Creating Tomorrow’s Forests’ own team of planters. This enables them to be more efficient and make sure their projects are delivered to the highest quality standards. 

What’s more, every single tree is planted right here in the UK, using native species tailored to the local ecology.

Creating Tomorrow's Forests & Cactus Energy

Thanks to Creating Tomorrow’s Forests, every Cactus Energy installation now comes with the guarantee that all emissions associated with its production and transportation will be fully offset. At no additional cost to our customers. 

We’re thrilled to be able to tackle the emissions associated with our own products and services. Minimising our own environmental impact is vital in order for us to achieve our ultimate goal of helping the UK transition to a carbon neutral society.

Our customers get…

> The satisfaction of knowing the emissions associated with their renewable energy installation have been fully offset, at no extra cost to them.

> A personalised certificate to mark their contribution to Creating Tomorrow’s Forests.

> Regular updates on the forest they helped to plant, including photos and surveys of biodiversity levels.

> Bespoke GPS coordinates for every tree they have planted, so they can visit them and see their impact first-hand!

> Exclusive access to blog posts from Creating Tomorrow’s Forests’ in-house ecologist.

> Enhanced green credentials for businesses.

> The option to plant additional trees through Cactus Energy – we take care of everything to make it as easy as possible for our customers.

Picking the right partner company to help us offset our own emissions was an important decision. Matt Robinson, our Head of Sustainability, explains why we chose Creating Tomorrow’s Forests…

“Creating Tomorrow’s Forests really stood out because they do more than just plant trees. They are experts on ecological restoration, whose sites will have lasting environmental benefits, create valuable habitats for wildlife and serve as a legacy for people to visit and enjoy.

We also chose them because they are one of the few carbon offsetting schemes that plants trees in the UK. Many other projects plant non-native species in tropical countries and these are unlikely to become functioning forest ecosystems. It’s great that we can support wildlife and local communities here in Britain and that our customers can visit the very trees they helped to plant!”

Still Curious?

Check out our blog article for more information on how Creating Tomorrow’s Forests do what they do, plus expert inside knowledge from their in-house ecologist explaining why their work is so important for the environment…