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Renewable Energy News

All the latest news about renewable energy from Cactus Energy, including industry news, project updates, news about our charity partners, educational articles and more!

The Walraven Group

Walraven goes solar with Cactus Energy

The Walraven Group, a leading Dutch multinational company serving the construction, electrical, and mechanical industries, announced the successful installation of a 229-panel solar photovoltaic (PV) system at their Banbury, UK premises. Partnering with Cactus Energy, a trusted solar solutions provider, Walraven aims to significantly reduce their environmental impact and reliance on the grid, while achieving substantial financial savings.

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Solar Battery Storage Explained

Imagine harnessing the sun’s power not just during the day, but well into the night. That’s the magic of solar battery storage, a technology that’s transforming how we think about home energy. But what exactly is it, how does it work, and why should you, as a homeowner, consider adding it to your solar panel system?

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PING Europe Solar PV Installation delivered by Cactus Energy

PING Europe installs Solar​

PING, the leading golf equipment manufacturer, has taken the next step towards sustainability by installing 655 solar panels on the roof of its headquarters in Gainsborough, UK. The installation was completed by Cactus Energy, a bespoke energy design service that specialises in renewable energy systems.

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