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Protect our Winters

We are proud to be partnered with the incredible charity Protect Our Winters UK (POW UK), who are leading the outdoor community in the fight against climate change. Avid skier? Hard-core surfer? Love to hike, cycle, run? Read on.


"Diehards and Dirt-bags"

POW is a group of outdoor enthusiasts who are passionate about fighting climate change – athletes, resort workers, explorers, scientists, forward-thinking business owners, creative influencers, outdoor activity brands, diehard riders, dirt-bags and ordinary people who care about the natural environment.

Anyone who shares the desire to protect the places in which they live, work and play from climate change is welcome.

POW was founded in 2007 by pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones. It is now a collective of over 57 million supporters with branches in 12 countries, including the UK.

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Mission and Impact

Turning passionate people into effective climate advocates. 

The organisation’s mission is to mobilise the outdoor sports community to join an individual and collective effort to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral society. They are, in their own words, “your guide to climate advocacy”.

POW raise awareness of climate change – the problem and its solutions. They unite outdoor-lovers and give them a voice. They make connections between different groups of people and de-politicise the climate issue.

On an individual scale… POW educates people on the climate crisis and helps them reduce their own carbon footprint. This includes everything from small lifestyle changes to investing money in sustainable companies.

On a collective scale… POW fights to bring about long-term and wide-reaching political solutions to climate change. They focus on 4 key areas they believe have the potential to be highly impactful – clean energy, clean transportation, carbon pricing and protecting public lands from fuel extraction. Tactics include contacting lawmakers, getting people registered to vote and organising voluntary events.

“We need to turn hope into action. It’s time to get off the side-lines and get out there.”
Jeremy Jones
Pro snowboarder, POW founder

POW & Cactus Energy

We are buzzing to be supporting POW’s mission through donations, joint events and promotions.  

Why POW? Tom Schofield, founder of Cactus Energy, explains… POW and Cactus Energy are two players on the same team. We’re both working towards the same ultimate goal – carbon neutrality. And we both know that the adoption of cleaner energy is a vital step in achieving this goal.

As organisations and individuals, we share many of the same values. We are driven by positivity and proactivity, believing that ‘being green’ doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the parts of life you enjoy. Whether that’s epic outdoor adventures or epic movie marathons, the key is finding ways to do these things while having minimal impact on the environment.

For this to happen, sustainability needs to be made more accessible. Many people say they would like to be more eco-friendly but don’t know where to start. At Cactus Energy, we don’t just provide renewable technology. Like POW, we focus on educating people on how they can reduce their carbon footprint to achieve a lasting sustainable lifestyle. POW puts it best: “ultimately, it will be the sum of all our small efforts that delivers climate victories”.

Exclusive Interview!

We were lucky enough to catch up with the General Manager of POW UK, Lauren MacCallum. Alongside running this incredible charity, Lauren manages to find time for speaking at the Scottish Parliament, making movies with Patagonia, mountain-biking, snowboarding in her Scottish Highland homeland, golfing and rock-climbing. Wowza. Read the interview for the inside scoop on ‘adventure activism’.