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Discover our latest renewable energy projects and how we are helping our customers,
residential and commercial, reduce their carbon footprint.

PING Europe

Cactus worked closely with PING to asses its energy needs and develop a solar panel system that would meet both the company’s environmental requirements and reduce its operating costs. Cactus proposed the idea of incorporating the “PING” logo into the solar panel array that would be aesthetically pleasing, and a visible reminder of PING’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Wirtgen Group

At Wirtgen, sustainability plays an essential role in its growing operations and goals and therefore Cactus Energy was commissioned for the design and installation of a 183.92Kw solar panel system along with 4 x dual stand-alone EV Charge points.

British Bakels

As a bustling manufacturing company with high energy needs, the company wanted a sustainable solution to reduce its environmental impact and cut costs. Cactus Energy collaboratively worked with British Bakels to provide an all-encompassing plan and solar design that provided substantial financial savings for the company and improve their corporate social responsibility value too.

Herman Miller

As part of their overall mission to reduce its operational carbon footprint. Herman Miller appointed Cactus Energy to install a solar PV system as its PortalMill manufacturing and distribution facility in Melksham, Wiltshire.

The Walraven Group

Through collaborative planning and design, Cactus Energy provided Walraven with a comprehensive solar solution that not only generated significant financial savings, but also helped them progress towards their strategic goal of becoming a sustainable business


Sealock approached Cactus Energy with the aim of implementing solar energy in their building to lower operational expenses and mitigate the environmental impact of their energy-intensive manufacturing processes.

Neptune HQ

Neptune is one of the UK’s largest furniture companies. With stores and offices up and down the country, they are leaders in beautiful homemaking.


Neptune is on a mission to reduce their environmental impact and we were more than happy to help. This impressive 200 kW solar panel system we’ve just installed on their HQ in Wiltshire will offset over 42 tonnes of CO2 each year!


As long-standing company, one of Arkote’s key missions is to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, adhering to sustainable development practices.

The Solar PV installation for Arkote will offset 25.075 Tonnes of CO2 per year. This is equivalent to 3,050,189 smartphones charged each year, 64,281 miles driven by an average passenger car, or 3.2 homes energy use for one year.


Like many residential customers, homeowners at Glastonbury Drive in Poynton were interested in reducing their dependence on the grid, by installing solar panels for their household energy needs, whilst reducing their monthly electric costs.

Eco Barn Conversion​

The owners of this old piggery have taken a blank canvas and turned it into ‘the house they always wanted’. The 4-bedroom bungalow features in-roof solar panels, battery storage and a ground-source heat pump. Next, the owners plan to install an electric vehicle chargepoint, linked to their solar panels, to provide free fuel for their car!


An inbuilt solar panel solution for a residential client in Manchester. Unlike traditional mounted panels, these sleek integrated tiles seamlessly blend into this existing architecture, preserving the home’s aesthetic charm.

Cheadle Hulme

Like many residential customers, homeowners at Acacia Avenue in Cheadle Hulme were interested in reducing their dependence on the grid, by installing solar panels for their household energy needs, whilst reducing their monthly electric costs.