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Walraven goes solar with Cactus Energy

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The Walraven Group

The Walraven Group, a leading Dutch multinational company serving the construction, electrical, and mechanical industries, announced the successful installation of a 229-panel solar photovoltaic (PV) system at their Banbury, UK premises. Partnering with Cactus Energy, trusted solar solutions provider, Walraven aims to significantly reduce their environmental impact and reliance on the grid, while achieving substantial financial savings.

Driven by a commitment to sustainability and long-term thinking, Walraven sought a solar solution that aligned with their strategic goals. Through collaborative planning and design, Cactus Energy delivered a comprehensive system tailored to Walraven’s specific needs. This included a thorough structural survey, grid connection assistance, risk assessment, scaffolding organisation, and expert installation of all necessary equipment.

“I would highly recommend working with Cactus,” said Tracey Williams, Director at Walraven. “Their knowledge and professionalism throughout the project, from initial enquiry to commissioning and aftercare, has been exemplary. The communication from the entire team was first-rate, and our positive experience has led to discussions for a second phase. You really cannot get a better review than having a returning customer.”

The new solar system is expected to generate 30-35% of Walraven’s Banbury site’s power needs, resulting in a significant reduction in their carbon footprint and reliance on the grid. This move demonstrates Walraven’s commitment to environmental responsibility and their dedication to making a sustainable difference.

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