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Sealock in Andover, Hampshire is recognised as one one of the leading Independent Adhesive manufacturers in the UK and Europe.


Sealock approached Cactus Energy with the aim of implementing solar energy in their building to lower operational expenses and mitigate the environmental impact of their energy-intensive manufacturing processes. Cactus Energy worked closely with Sealock to develop a comprehensive proposal that would result in significant cost savings for the company.


  • Design and installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV)
    system featuring 578 panels.
  • Conducted a structural survey of the site to ensure the system’s suitability.
  • Assisted with the application process for grid
  • Conducted a thorough risk assessment.
  • Organised scaffold works to facilitate the installation
  • Installed all necessary equipment, including solar PVpanels, cabling, and inverters.


Adhesive manufacturer

System Size

234.09 KW


578 Solar PV Panels

Annual CO2 Savings

49.2 Tonnes

"From the initial contact, exploratory site visit and installation everything went smoothly. Cactus designed an efficient system to maximise the available roof space and electricity generation. The installation was completed in a day less than was planned and was up & running immediately. Sealock are very pleased to be doing our bit to help the environment as well as securing electricity generation. We have no hesitation in recommending Cactus Energy for a solar PV project."