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Cactus Energy

Mission & Values

Everything that makes us tick

Our Mission

To make renewable energy more accessible for everyone.

In order to lead the UK’s shift towards clean energy and support the nation’s ultimate aim of reaching Net Zero emissions by 2050.


Net Zero refers to achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. There are two different routes to achieving Net Zero, which work in tandem: producing fewer emissions and actively removing greenhouse gases already in the air.

A Gross Zero target would mean not producing any emissions at all. This is not realistic, so instead the Net Zero target recognises that there will be some emissions but that these need to be fully offset, predominantly through natural carbon sinks such as oceans and forests. In the future, it may be possible to use artificial carbon sinks to increase carbon removal – research into these technologies is ongoing.

When the amount of carbon emissions produced equals the amount removed, the UK will be a Net Zero emitter. The fewer emissions we produce in the first place, the easier this becomes.

for Clean Energy

The four highest-emitting sectors are transportation, energy production, commercial electricity and residential heating. Together, these account for around 78% of current emissions.


It is our mission to help homes and businesses reduce their carbon footprint through clean energy, including clean electricity and clean heating systems. We support our clients on their sustainability journey, helping them reduce their impact on our home, planet earth.


To help increase the uptake of green, clean energy across the UK, we make renewable power…

We deliver renewable energy systems you actually want in your building. There is no one-size-fits-all, so we design bespoke solutions that integrate seamlessly with your property and lifestyle.
We draw from a range of products to design the most cost-effective solution for your property. We also have extensive knowledge on national and local financial schemes to help maximise your savings.
It’s not just about giving you the technology, but giving you the skills and knowledge to make the most out of that technology too. We provide ongoing education and advice to support your sustainability journey.
It’s not always easy being green. But we want it to be. Your dedicated Project Manager will be with you every step of the way, taking care of all arrangements from project inception to completion.

Our Values



The cactus employs specific survival traits depending on the conditions it faces. We provide a bespoke, personal service, with every project directed by the specific needs of the customer.


The cactus is a symbol of strength and endurance. We ensure our products and services are of the highest quality by registering with top accreditations and selecting expert installers.


The cactus is a self-sufficient unit, working with the planet rather than against it. We provide ongoing education and support for our customers, enabling them to take control of their own sustainability journey and achieve maximum long-term benefits.


The cactus is full of juice! So are we. We are driven by our natural passion, vitality and curiosity. We welcome fresh ideas and seek to communicate in an accessible, engaging way.


The cactus evolves to thrive in different environments. We are innovative and agile, keeping ourselves at the forefront of industry knowledge and constantly looking for ways to make our products more efficient and less expensive.